Column: Sterre Kalis on the Fairbreak Global Competition

By Sterre Kalis

My time in Dubai, playing in the Fairbreak Global competition, was fun and very useful for me - and hopefully I can bring back the confidence I gained out there and help the Diamonds win games and trophies this summer.

I have learnt so much with the Diamonds over the last two seasons, and the chance to play with some different players from all around the world, find out about how they play in different conditions and things like that, was another really cool experience.

It was such a good learning opportunity, both on and off the field, and to end it with a trophy was amazing.

But now it is full focus on the Diamonds. It is a big year for us, and to gain success with this team would be amazing for me.

The Fairbreak was a great tournament.

I got the chance to open the batting with Sophie Devine, who I learnt so much from. To be around her, one of the best players in the world - on and off the pitch - was a big thing for me.

Every game we batted for a long time, a lot of 50 plus partnerships. So we spoke a lot at the crease and in between overs, which will be great for my game moving forwards. It was all things around tactics and game scenario stuff.

She’s a different batter than I am, and her game gave me the opportunity to play my own game at the top of the order.

I’ve had seven games under my belt over the last few weeks, and runs, performances and trophies obviously brings you a lot of confidence. I’m hoping I can show that when I get my chance with the Diamonds.

It’s going to be a fun summer, which will also include some time with Birmingham Phoenix when Sophie Devine will be my captain again. I’m looking forward to seeing her in Orange. And being Dutch, I quite like Orange!

But, firstly - as I said, I want to start the season well with the Diamonds. I’m confident we can have another good summer, go one step further and win a trophy or two.

We have an amazing squad with a lot of talented players here.


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